Will The Bulls Give Del Negro The Boot?

Recently ESPN.com made a report speculating that the Chicago Bulls would fire coach Vinny Del Negro after they found a suitable replacement.  In a meeting with the media Bulls GM Gar Forman was asked his stand on the allegations, and pretty much answered the question without really answering it.  When asked if he stood behind his head coach, his reply was, “Our organization’s behind what we’re doing, and we’re still optimistic of where we’re going. I don’t think anybody’s happy where we’re at today. And our goal is to get better each and every day.”  When Del Negro was asked about the lack of public job security from the GM and the Vice President of basketball operations John Paxson, he replied “It gets to the point where it’s ridiculous to keep talking about this stuff, it’s a waste of time, really. I talk to Gar and Pax every day. When they want to come out with something they will.”  He also said he would continue to work and try to improve his team.  The Bulls are currently 11-17 and are playing drastically different from the Bulls that stunned us all last season, with an impressive fight against the Boston Celtics in the playoffs.  Many speculate that it’s the loss of Ben Gordon that contributes to the Bulls detriment.  Though I agree that losing him was a huge mistake, I don’t agree that it’s the sole cause.  I do see potential in the “Baby Bulls” and I’m awaiting the final word on the GM’s decision.


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