Durant & Thunder Spoil McGrady’s Stellar 26pt Debut

It was an exciting night in the Garden as Tracy McGrady made his New York Knicks debut.  I was proud to be in the building and witness it first-hand.  There was some previous controversy about T-Mac wearing the #3; partly because it was the legendary John Starks number, and some felt it was cursed because Stephon Marbury wore it, and well that turned into a horrible situation.  Well nevertheless McGrady was welcomed with a standing ovation during the announcements of the starting lineup.  In total McGrady played 32 minutes signaling to D’Antoni whenever he needed a sub.  While on the bench the arena erupted in a chant of “We Want T-Mac”.  It looked like the Knicks had it in the bag until a 3pointer from Kevin Durant with 6secs left on the clock; tied the game and sent it into overtime.  Not only did Durant hit that 3, he landed a jumper with 16secs left in overtime, giving the Thunder the 121-118 win over the Knicks.  Durant finished out with 36pts, making it his 27th game in a row with 25 or more points, tying Allen Iverson and on the road to Jordan’s record of 40 games.  The top performer for the Thunder however wasn’t Durant but was Russel Westbrook with 31pts 10asts and 9rebs giving the them their 8th straight win.  All Star David Lee was the top performer for the Knicks with 30pts 10rebs and 6asts.  McGrady finished with 26pts, but didn’t have enough steam for overtime, he spent most of it on the bench.  Sadly his debut was wrecked by Durant, but still an amazing performance, bypassing everyone’s expectations including his own.


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