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In Flex We Trust

Hey guys, I just started writing for the sports section of In Flex We Trust.  This along with my other writing jobs may slow down my posts so I came up with the best solution I could.  I will put my posts from flex’s blog on here or you guys can check there if you like.  My blog is usually written 100% by me but do to time constraints some of my posts for flex’s blog is information used from espn and other sources.  I ‘ll try to write my own analysis like I usually do as much as possible just bare with me and thanks for continuing to visit. 🙂



Hey guys, please bare with me while I’m making over the site.  I’m expanding it to other sports as I have been asked to do numerous times.  Its a lot to take on since I’m the sole contributor so excuse me if everything isn’t updated in a timely fashion.  I also want the blogsite to look presentable until I create my official site.  Anyways thanks for visiting 🙂


Sorry for the delay, been a bit overwhelmed but I’m back!  I’m still trying to get things in order for my site, you know finding a web designer and such (btw hit me up if you can help!).  Anyways I’ve been implored to continue blogging in the meantime, it really means a lot that you guys requested I keep going, this really is a passion for me.  Ok so i’m back and we have an exciting season ahead of us can’t wait! =]

Heyyyyyy Guyssss

I know it’s been eons since my last post.  I’ve been thinking things over about what my next step should be.  In the near future I plan to create my own site and expand it to more than just the NBA, however I’m torn on a few decisions.  I’m unsure if my new site should focus on basketball period, including college and the NBA, or should my site future college and professional basketball and football.  My task may be a bit difficult since at the present moment it’s a solo project, hence the only basketball option.  In the meantime I’m considering restarting this blog and restructuring it a bit maybe expand it even more to test out my skills…. anyways help me people!!!  Tell me what you think I should do, what kind of website do you want to see?  Drop a comment thanks =]


Well my blog is pretty self explanatory. It pretty much covers everything in the NBA: news, stats, standings, and game coverage.  Currently I won’t be be doing game coverage for EVERY game simply because there’s way too many games and i’m the sole contributor to this blog.  However when playoff season arrives I will cover each game and do game analysis.  So I hope this blog is helpful and I accept all feedback on improvements or suggestions you guys have.