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Carlos Beltran Joins the Giants

According to sources a deal is in place to trade Mets right fielder Carlos Beltran to the San Francisco Giants.

Carlos Beltran is scheduled to fly from Cincinnati to Philadelphia on Wednesday night to join the San Francisco Giants, sources told ESPN The Magazine’s Buster Olney.  A New York Mets spokesman told’s Adam Rubin that Beltran collected his belongings and left Great American Ball Park on Wednesday night.

The Associated Press later reported the two teams agreed to a trade and were seeking Beltran’s permission to complete the deal, saying the Mets had contacted the commissioner’s office for a 24-hour window to negotiate with Beltran to waive his no-trade clause. With Beltran set to join the Giants in Philadelphia, that no longer appears to be an obstacle.

As part of a package for Beltran, the Giants would include pitcher Zack Wheeler.  To complete the deal, the Mets will pick up $4 million of the $6.5 million that Beltran has left on his contract.

When Beltran signed his seven-year, $119 million contract with the Mets in January 2005, it included a complete no-trade clause that requires him to give permission before the Mets deal him.

Though Beltran’s teammates knew this trade was coming they were still sad to see him go.  ”You lose a guy like that in July, it’s big, it’s huge,”  Jose Reyes said. “We’ve got to continue to play with what we’ve got. It’s not easy to replace that kind of player. It’s going to be tough.”  Beltran was an all-star and definitely will be missed by the organization.  He originally expressed a desire to stay within the National League, but soon changed his mind saying he wanted to be traded to a championship contending team.  His wish was granted as he now joins the World Series defending champions the San Francisco Giants.

Information from ESPN The Magazine’s Tim Kurkjian, ESPN The Magazine’s Buster Olney,’s Jerry Crasnick,’s Adam Rubin and The Associated Press was used FULL STORY HERE.


President Obama Welcomes Giants to the White House

On Monday afternoon before giving his speech on the debt crisis, President Obama welcomed the San Francisco Giants and legendary Willie Mays to the White House.

The defending World Series Champs presented the president with a No. 44 Giants jersey which belongs to Hall of Famer Willie McCovey and is retired by the organization. Retired numbers aren’t usually handed out but I guess an exception could be made for the president. The president was also given a signed bat and glove that was painted in Chicago White Sox colors to represent his hometown.


There was one looming question beforehand; what would Brian Wilson “the Beard” wear to the meeting?  President Obama even mentioned Wilson in his speech saying, “Michelle was very relieved that the press was going to be talking about what somebody else wears here in the White House, so that it’s not just her making a fashion statement.”  Wilson passed up his now legendary skintight tuxedo for a simple blue suit.

Derek Jeter Mania

Derek Jeter finally completed his quest for 3,000 hits on July 9, 2011 in a game against the Tampa Bay Rays.  Jeter became the 28th player in baseball history to reach that milestone.  Jeter’s 3,000th hit came from a homerun making him only the second player to do so joining Wade Boogs.  The hit came at 2pm , his second hit of the game, perfect for No. 2 Derek Jeter, the Yankee’s captain right in Yankee Stadium.  Jeter’s amazing accomplishment was coupled by a 5 for 5 game including the game winning hit.

The historical ball was caught by Yankee fan Christian Lopez.  Lopez happily gave the ball back to Jeter citing “He earned it,” Lopez told the YES Network. “I’m not going to be the person to take that away from him.”  In exchange for returning the ball Lopez received four private suite tickets to every game for the rest of the season and autographed memorabilia.  The prizes were ok I guess but Lopez may be wishing he’d auctioned off the ball now that the IRS is hitting him with a $14,000 claim off the “gifts” he received from the Yankees.  There is however a light at the end of the tunnel, Miller High Life and Modell’s sporting-good-stores have offered to not only assist Lopez with his tax debt but also with his school loans.  Maybe doing  a good deed isn’t such a bad thing…

Derek Jeter is getting a bit of backlash for not offering to buy the ball and not even offering to help Lopez with his tax situation.  The Yankees and Jeter may offer to help sooner or later but it’ll only be a public relations tactic.  Jeter is also getting heat for not attending the MLB All-Star game.  Many fans were disappointed and sports reporters/analyst all had one question, WHY?  Jeter says it wasn’t due to physical and mental exhaustion as previously reported, it was actually due to a calf injury.  I’m not downplaying Jeter’s injury, he’s had a grueling task and no one has been working harder, however it would have meant so much to the fans had he just shown up.  After such an amazing accomplishment just showing up to the All-Star game would have capped it off nicely.

Oh well congratulations to Derek Jeter on all of his accomplishments, definitely one of the greatest Yankees and one of the best players in MLB history.