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NFL Players Facing Suspensions?!

Now that football is back some of the players could be facing possible suspensions for infractions that occured during the lockout.  Retroactive enforcement is one of the issues that will be worked out when the new collective bargaining agreement is finalized, but the union will have to recertify first.  The National Football Players President Kevin Mawae is of course against penalizing players for violations that occured while there was a lockout .

“Our view and our stance has been our players were unemployed, they didn’t work for the NFL for the last five, six months,” Mawae said. “So we would hope and argue that our guys start with a clean slate. We’ll see how that goes.

” … Obviously it would be unfortunate if our guys got suspended right off the bat because the commissioner decides unilaterally to make that decision. But at the end of the day, our guys weren’t working for the NFL at that time. Our view is that we’ll have to discuss it and see where we go from there.”

On one hand the players do represent the league and should always act accordingly.  On the other hand they were technically unemployed and representing themselves therefore they shouldn’t be penalized.

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NFL Owners Approve Proposed CBA

31 of the 32 NFL team owners have approved a proposed CBA on Thursday night to end the  lockout.  The Oakland Raiders were the only team to abstain citing irreparable issues of a football and economic nature.  In essence the NFL owners voted to approve their own deal and now we must wait on the players to agree.  The owners require the players  to recertify their union, provide proof, and vote to ratify the new agreement by Tuesday.  The players would then have three days to make any changes to the CBA  which would then have to be reapproved by the owners.  If the owners don’t agree to the proposed changes then the CBA would remain unchanged for ten years, and everything would be final by July 30.

Highlights Of Proposed CBA

Details of the proposed collective bargaining agreement that would need to be ratified by NFL players:

• Ten-year deal, through the 2020 season

• New league year would begin on Wednesday

• Players receive 48 percent of revenue in first portion of deal

• $120 million salary cap; team minimum 89 percent ($106.8M) as long as league spends 99 percent ($3.8B)

• Veterans earn free agency after fourth season

• Four-year rookie contracts, with team option for fifth year

• Lower rookie salaries, with cap on team spending for rookies

• Later training camps, no more full-contact, two-a-day practices

• Offseason team activities (OTAs) reduced from 14 to nine

(provided by espn.com)

The NFL Players Association urges everyone to be aware that this is still NOT over.  The problem is the new CBA is a 10-year long agreement with NO opt-out clause.  The players feel pressure to approve the agreement since they now look like the bad guys in holding up the NFL season.  The players also say they don’t even have the physical agreement in their hands yet to look it over.  There is also the fact that the owners have agreed to certain issues that haven’t been discussed with the players yet.  The players take their recertification as a union very seriously and it must be agreed upon by all 1,900 players.

Team training facilities are set to open on Aug 1st but the Hall of Fame game scheduled for Aug 7th has been cancelled in order to keep all the teams equal.

I want to see football return just as much as everyone else but I  say the players should indeed take their time going over the proposed CBA.  It is a TEN YEAR deal that they can never opt out of.  These issues concern their money, health, testing, training procedures, retirement plans etc. none of which should be taken lightly.


NFL Lockout Over Soon?


After four months have gone by of the NFL lockout it may soon be over and a new CBA reached.  The owners and players have to adhere to U.S. Magistrate Judge Arthur Boylan’s request of confidentiality during the talks, however in a joint statement the owner’s and players said “The discussions this week have been constructive and progress has been made on a wide range of issues.”  It is believed they will reach an agreement in principle as early as next week.

A couple of the major hurdles have been solved such as:

  • The owners have dropped their proposal to have one-time, right-of-first-refusal tags on free agents, instead the free agents will have four years of free agency with no restrictions.
  • They settled the rookie compensation system.  Prevention of renegotiation of draft pick deals until after 3 years, The fifth year option must be picked up after Year 3, The fifth-year option for rookie contracts would pay top-10 picks the average salary of the top 10 players at their position. For picks 11 through 32, the amount would be the average of salary Nos. 3 to 25 at a given position. All figures will be taken from the third year of rookie contracts, meaning that for top-10 picks, their fifth-year option amount would be equal to the transition tag number from the previous year. (nfl.com)
  • Players might receive bonuses that would have been earned during offseason workouts.
  • A 2011 salary cap of $120 million with the minimum salary being 89% of the cap and the league wide cash guarantee at 99%.  After 2 years of the new CBA the team minimum rises from 89% to 95%.

One of the major issues still looming per the Boston Herald, is players want changes to practices and offseason workout rules in order to enhance player safety.  Certain issues such as the Legacy Fund for retirees and drug testing will be decided once the NFL Players Association is  recertified.   The new CBA could come in time to save even preseason football with the first game scheduled for Aug 7th.