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NFL Players Facing Suspensions?!

Now that football is back some of the players could be facing possible suspensions for infractions that occured during the lockout.  Retroactive enforcement is one of the issues that will be worked out when the new collective bargaining agreement is finalized, but the union will have to recertify first.  The National Football Players President Kevin Mawae is of course against penalizing players for violations that occured while there was a lockout .

“Our view and our stance has been our players were unemployed, they didn’t work for the NFL for the last five, six months,” Mawae said. “So we would hope and argue that our guys start with a clean slate. We’ll see how that goes.

” … Obviously it would be unfortunate if our guys got suspended right off the bat because the commissioner decides unilaterally to make that decision. But at the end of the day, our guys weren’t working for the NFL at that time. Our view is that we’ll have to discuss it and see where we go from there.”

On one hand the players do represent the league and should always act accordingly.  On the other hand they were technically unemployed and representing themselves therefore they shouldn’t be penalized.

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